A.M.Y. 1.5



A.M.Y  - Ad Management Yoga is ad management software that allows every webmaster to manage ads on their websites, charge for them, track impressions/clicks, automate enabling/disabling and rotation.




The script needs only web host with PHP 5 or newer and MySQL 5.0 or newer database.  The server must allow simple email functionality.



The installation of A.M.Y. is very simple and requires only few steps.

1. Create a MySQL database for use of A.M.Y. The software can also share the same database with other applications you may have on the host
2. Open the file inc/db_login.inc.php and edit your database connection details.
3. Upload the files on your web host (preferably in a folder).
4.  Make the directory "banners" writable so you can upload banners. This means to change the mode of the directory to 0775 or 0777.  You can see for example how to do this with CuteFTP.
5. Visit install.php with your browser.

Then you need to choose login and password for the administrator.
That's all!

To use the script as administrator, visit admin.php and setup your ad zones and pricing packages.

It's highly recommended to delete install.php from the server after you are done.

Changing the design
You can modify all files from folder 'views' with any WYSIWYG or ordinary web editor and change main.css for the style sheets.


Using A.M.Y

A.M.Y. is mainly an administrative tool for you - the website publisher - to manage advertisings of your customers. You can manually create all ads and advertisers, but there is also an advertiser area where optionally your customers can purchase ads or just login to see reports for their ads.


To start using the administration visit admin.php and login with the username and password created during installation.

Below is an explanation of every page:

The dashboard allows you to change your password, your Paypal address, the displayed currency and static information about other payment method accepted. Currently A.M.Y. has only Paypal integrated for instant campaign activation, but you can list also unlimited number of other payment methods for manual handling.

The campaigns are just a way to organize your ads in logical categories. Some campaigns may belong to your advertisers but this is optional. The campaigns that don't belong to any advertiser account will be labeled as "Admin (You)".

A campaign is active when it has one advertising package enabled. If packages are not enabled or all of them have expired, the campaign is shown as inactive.

By clicking on the "Packages" link you can enable or disable advertising packages for existing campaigns. This is a way to manually "purchase" advertising packages for your customers.  Before you can do this you need to have advertising zones and pricing plans defined.

Here you can manage the actual advertisements running in the campaigns. Each campaign can be running unlimited number of ads.

Each ad needs to have a label which is simply a way to identify the ad. There are 3 supported ad formats:
- banner ad:  when it is selected you can upload image and give target URL
- text ad: you need to enter plain text and target URL
- HTML ad: you can just enter HTML code (at this version Javascript is not supported). Note that for HTML ads click tracking is not possible.

Assign the ad to one of more campaign and select a priority. The ad priority defines how often the ad will be shown compared to the other ads in the same campaign. If you will have only one ad in the campaign, the priority is not important.

On this page you can define the advertising zones on your site. After saving the settings of an advertising zone, you can get the Javascript code and place it anywhere in the HTML code of your pages.

Note that there should be at least one pricing plan assigned to a zone before it to become available for purchasing from your customers.

You can limit the type of ads that will show in an ad zone and whether the zone will rotate ads or show them side-by side (or one under the other).
The size of the ads shown in the zone will depend on the zone size. If the zone allows multiple ads and they are non-rotating the size of each ad will be calculated depending on the position of the ads that you select (vertical or horizontal).

Pricing Plans
You can create unlimited number of pricing plans and assign them to your ad zones. One pricing plan can be assigned to many ad zones and one zone can have different pricing plans assigned to it.
Each pricing plan can be flat/time based (for example for 30 days), click based (for example 100 clicks) or CPM plan/impressions based - for example 1000 impressions.  When the customer's campaign uses all its time, clicks or impressions the ads are automatically disabled.

Here you can manually create advertiser accounts. Alternatively your customers can register while purchasing ads through the main page (the advertiser's panel).

Here you can see time based reports of all campaigns, ads, earnings and so on.

Advertiser's panel:

The advertiser's panel (main page) is what your advertisers will see when they want to login and check their stats - this is the index.php. You can set up this automated page as "Advertise here" page of your site, or you can just give your customers a link to their control panel, where they log in.

The advertiser's panel is entirely optional, you can very well manage your ads without it. However it's a good tool to simplify your work and to increase your sales, because your advertisers can see stats and purchase ads themselves.

The campaigns page lets the advertiser manage and activate their advertising campaigns, and the ads page allows them create ads for these campaigns.  Similarly to the administration panel, the reports page is showing stats about the impressions/clicks of the ads and the status of the campaigns.

Upgrading from previous versions

Run upgrade.php from the browser. It's highly recommended to backup your database before doing the upgrade.


For any problems or questions contact me on info@calendarscripts.info



You can use this software on unlimited domains as long as you own them. For resell/PLR rights, developers license, or affiliate program please contact me.

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