Watu Demo

This is a demo of the free Watu plugin. For demos of WatuPRO check the official site.

Let’s start with some basic math.

What does 9 * 12 make?


And now about the Watu plugin.

Does it allow questions where the users can select multiple correct answers?


And does it allow questions with multiple answers?


And can it calculate the total points collected and then output quiz result based on this?


Let’s see why is Watu PRO better than Watu:

– Keeps detailed stats
– Supports user logins and emailing
– Offers user dashboard and shortcodes for it
– Has question categories and quiz categories
– Offers different types of pagination and randomization
– Has timer and lets user come back later to finish a quiz
– Has more question types (Intelligence module)
– Allows for printable certificates
– Offers a lot more flexibility and functionality and can be extended even further through additional modules and plugins
– Comes with premium support

What do you think, is this true?


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  1. Hi,

    I have a very simple requirement based on the following scenario.

    1. I should be able to host a quiz on a wordpress site that is accessible by the public (no wordpress authentication required)

    2. At the end of the quiz or in the beginning, the user should be asked to put their Employee Identification Number (this must be mandatory). The should not be able to submit the quiz and see the result without submitting the Employee ID. (Probably the Name Field could be re-named as Employee ID) or something.

    3. The quiz result must be stored against each employee ID, which I can export as a .csv.

    Could you kindly advise if this is possible?

    Warm regards,


  2. Hi There,
    I would like to know if there is a way I could allow registered users to create tests, with this plugin. So for example, someone registers on my website, and then has the choice to either take a test, or create a test.

    • Yes, you can do it. Enable a role in WatuPRO Settings page and these users will be able to manage the tests. They will also be able to delete your tests however, we don’t yet have a multiuser module.

  3. Hi, I want to create a post with single question on it. Is it possible with this plugin?
    Probably these questions can be part of some quiz, but somehow I should be able to display only single question on a post with help of some shortcode?

    What I am asking is something similar feature provided by Quiz Tool lite plugin.

  4. Hi, Anup asked a question how to ask for information at the end of the quiz.

    I want to ask for their name and e-mail at the end of the quiz, but BEFORE they get the results.

    When they enter those, they go to the quiz results page. How can I do that?

    And is there a way that I can execute some php code after a test has been taken (I want to put the collected name and e-mail address in a list)

  5. I agree with Maurice, that would be a great functionality. Is that something you would consider in a future release or even in the pro version.

  6. Hi kiboko,
    i am using free version of watu,its really great good work,soon i will try pro version of this thanks a lot for creating. watu is very useful to my quiz blog.

  7. hola, cree un examen sin problemas pero al crear el segundo me sale mensaje de error, pasa tan rapido que no puedo ver. ¿la version libre solo permite crear un examen? ¿cual puede ser el error, porque lo nombra watu0 y me permite crear las preguntas y al insertar en la pagina, usarlo, pero no puedo volver al examen para editarlo ni crear uno nuevo 🙁

    Gracias por tu respuesta.

  8. Hi,

    I am looking for a plugin to create the kind of test you often see in (womens) magazines with different scores or advice as result. E.g. Are you more an introvert or extravert type of person? With lots of questions with scores. The result is e.g. 1-40 points: You are extremely extravert. Over 100 points: very much closed and hiding your emotions.

    Can I make such a test with Watu?

    Many thanks!

  9. hi, i have query that i create two or more quiz then can i assign the specific quiz to particular candidate and rest quiz not show for this candidate.Please give me response as soon as possible.
    Thank You

    • You can use quiz categoiries and assign the different categories to different WP roles or Watupro user group, and this way to segment who can access which quizzes.

  10. I would like to create a quiz and insert a link to a youtube video by EACH question. The purpose of the video is to explain the question that it is located next to on the webpage. Do-able with this plugin?

  11. is it possible to automate the export of result analysis like no. of correct incorrect and time taken for each question in excel or word format?

    negative marking is possible or not?

    can we set the email on which the result should be sent after user completes its quiz.
    for eg. if we want to send the email notification to the parent of the user also.

  12. I want to create a quiz with conditional redirection i.e. If a user pick an option, he will be directed to a set of questions different from those that picked another option.
    E.g. If a user pick an option that say he smokes, the next question might be how many packs per day whereas the next that pick no might be why.
    Is this possible with the free version?

  13. Is it possible to create a quiz where answers appear directly after responding to each question so that the user can receive feedback as he/she goes?

    We’d also like to include links to other parts of the site based on user’s response as feedback so that they know where to go for more info on this topic.

    Please let us know.


    • Yes on the first question. And yes on the second, you can include links everywhere – in questions, answers, quiz description, final screen, etc.

      • Thanks so much for your response!

        Do we need Watu Pro to have answers appear immediately (using practice mode)?

        Also, is there a demo somewhere for the Play Plugin Module? We’re interested in purchasing this as well.


          • Thanks! This is very helpful. Appreciate it!!

            My boss wants to see the Play plugin in action – what it would look like for a user to take a test with the Play plugin being used.

            I looked through the sandbox blog and did see the entry for Play Plugin. However, don’t see it in use…. does one of the sample tests use it? Please advise. Thanks!

          • The play plugin isn’t specifically tied to a quiz. It for example can assign you a level after a defined number of points is achieved. Which can happen after completing any quiz.
            Which part of it you want to see exactly?

  14. Wanted to see what it is like to take a quiz as a user with the Play Plugin installed… so, this could include earning a badge, receiving notification for new level, earning rewards, bar charts on the final screen to see how other users performed, etc… anything that shows it installed from the user’s perspective.

    Thanks for all of your help and advice here!

    • OK, for example at the moment there is a level Freshman in the sandbox blog which requires average of 75% correct answers on the tests you take. (This is assuming no one edits the level after my comment – the sandbox administration is accessible to public). So if you take 1 quiz, for example this one: http://sandbox.pimteam.net/wordpress/biology-quiz/ and answer both questions correctly you will have 100% and will earn the level Freshman (you’ll get the email notice configured on the levels page).
      If later you take another quiz and your percentage drops under 75% you’ll lose the level, and so on.

    • Forgot to tell that you need to register a new user. The user “Sandbox” has already taken too many quizzes and its hard to change his global % correct answers.

  15. Hello…looks like a great plugin for some of my coaching coursework. Looking forward to implementing it.

    My question: I’d like to find a plug in that allows me to create an “assessment” which gives each option a point value then “adds up the points to create a final score”–from there, it would calculate and assign an “outcome” that falls within a “range” to produce a result. (example: a score of 1-15 = Some classification a score of 16-25 = some classification) Upon submit, user would be redirected (in this example) to one of three pages relevant to their determined classification. The page would then offer a more detailed explanation of their results. (example: you scored a 22 which means you are a “bone head” in your relationship and you need to work on x, y, z. Here’s how you can start…”)

    ANY CHANCE this plug in can do that and if not… do you know of one that can? OR is this something you’d be interested in building for me?

    • Hi Theresa,

      This is exactly what watu/watupro does – upon achieving a grade (which is defined as range of points) you can display a message or redirect the user to a page.

  16. Hi,

    I am in requirement of creating an evaluation system, that is similar to a quiz.

    I need to show an entry, 2 diff set of radiogroups (1 set checkbox, 1 radiogroup), per entry.

    and I need to insert these entries(as Questions) into DB, instead of typing each question seperately. I have some programming experience with wp, so just wanted to know, does this plugin uses DB to store the questons and answers, & hope it doesnt use any default DB tables.

  17. Hi
    This plugin seems to be quite interesting, especially the pro version. I have though one question: does it support right-to-left languages such as arabic, persian, urdu, etc.?

    Looking forward to your reply.

  18. Is it possible – either in the free or paid version – to create a quiz, where the user has to type-in the answer (not an essay, but a single word or number) – thus no multiple-choice questions, where the options itself often provide a clue to the correct answer. For example:
    Q: What is the smallest prime number?
    A: 2
    Q: What is president Obama’s first name?
    A: Barack
    Preferably in latter case the plugin should also be able to accept variations of answers, so “Barak” or “Barack Hussein” should also be recognized as correct answers.

    • We missed to assign certificate to this test 😉

      We have an API which has a call when quiz is submitted. So it’s probably possible, depending on what exactly you want to do with Infusionsoft.

  19. i am having problems with watu lite. i saw in demo mode where the results were published immediately after the tests were taken. Since i have installed watu exams on my exam taking website i have not been able to get a response. The submission button does not work. can you help me with this because i am thinking about purchasing watupro but i cant get anything from watu.

  20. Is your quiz based on custom post types? I want such a feature where quizzes are posts of a custom post type with custom taxonomies. Thanks

  21. I am using to test English comprehension. My question is, can I have a paragraph or text (yes, I know I can) but have 2, 3, 4 questions under that paragraph

    so the student can answer 3 questions on that particular paragraph

    and – does it allow me to submit a text box of written work

    and ask them to type the missing word in the sentence (into a field)

    Thank you (watu)

    • “have 2, 3, 4 questions under that paragraph so the student can answer 3 questions on that particular paragraph”

      Yes. In the free Watu you can just make it part of the first question in the sequence. In PRO you can use category description and group questions by category

      “and – does it allow me to submit a text box of written work”

      Yes, that’s called open-end question

      “and ask them to type the missing word in the sentence (into a field)”

      Yes, in WatuPRO + Intelligence module. This is called “Fill the gaps” question type

  22. I am creating an Myers Briggs type of personality assessment and I plan to purchase the $137 version of your plugin. Here are my questions:

    The first part of creating an assessment is Type Determination. This is where we simply determine if you are Type A or B. The second part is Type Depth. This is where we determine how much of a Type A you are.

    Type Determination:
    This can be done in as few as 4 questions or as great at 7. Basically, the first TYPE that reaches 4 wins.

    So let’s say that you answer question 1,3,4,5 – Type A; question 2 – type B. By the time you get to question 5 Type A wins. We don’t need to ask the remaining 2 questions.

    Question 1 – In the example: By question 5 we know that the person is Type A, which means that we dont need to continuing asking Type Determination questions.

    Is there a way to know when the person has reached 4 selections in a for a particular type?

    Once we know the type we are ready to go to the Depth of Type portion of the quiz. Since we know that the test taker is Type A, we only want to ask the users questions that are specific to Type A.

    Is there a way to then say – if this person is Type A – Then only show questions 10 -20 (which are Type A depth questions) as compared to showing questions 20-30 (which are Type B depth questions.


    After someone takes an assessment we want to report their results is paragraphical format. IE – What does is mean to be Type A with a depth of 8; as compared to a Type B with a depth of 2.

    I know this is sophisticated but I was wondering if your system has this level of sophistication built in.

    Eager Buyer

    • Hi Dawnna,

      Currently there is no mechanism to make the test stop earlier. The Intelligence module supports this type of quizzes (called “Personality quizzes”) but the user needs to go through all the questions and then the result is calculated.

  23. I want to create a blog on general knowledge with multiple quizzes, each containing around 30 multiple choice questions. Do i need to buy quiz plugins for each quiz or can i manage with just one for the entire blog. Kindly advice.

  24. This is the best plugin to me based on exam section.
    Please can the student print there totalanswered questions and answers when done?
    I mean like them seeing a print result button or icon?
    Thank you.
    Lastly, can i pay from Nigeria in Africa?

  25. This is the best plugin to me based on exam section.
    Please can the student print there total answered questions and answers when done?
    I mean like them seeing a print result button or icon?
    Thank you.
    Lastly, can i pay from Nigeria in Africa?

  26. Hi,

    I want to host a quiz with multiple type of question, multiple choice, free text (essay) but I will want to grade manually after completion to receive an email for users is finishing test, grade it and send result later to users.
    I am not seeing other method to have free text question answered and graded automatically.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thanks for your interest. With the Intelligence module you can manually grade the user results after the quiz is submitted. So you can display some standard text on the “Final screen” like “Thank you, you’ll receive email from us when your submission is graded” and then manually grade and generate email.

  27. The plugin looks really nice, but my one question which I did not see in the demo is if the plugin will reload the page per question. Most quiz plugins don’t.

    I love the idea of using a quiz to up some pageview stats on my website, as well as making something fun for people who check it out.


  28. Hi kiboko,
    I have been using your watuPro for more than a year..Its amazing. I am using your plugin in the following website http://www.medicalcodingchennai.com
    I have lot of quizzes in this site. Now I want to take all these quizzes in to my another website http://www.zimedcode.com ( This is my primary website). I have intalled this watupro into my http://www.zimedcode.zom website. I am not an expert in wordpress. Is there anyway to carry these quizzes in to my primary site. Or should I manually feed or type all these quizzes once again from the scratch.. I am really veyy tired of doing this…It will take a month to feed this quizzes in the website…Please guide me..I hope you got my point….

  29. having a question.if the user by mistake close down the quiz or by mistake the computer shutsup so can the quiz start from the same question where it was leave and continue quiz from that question.

    • For logged in users you can select to enable save button or automatically store progress as user goes from page to page. This is in the pro version.

  30. In the quiz results page I want to show the total grade, and also some specific information according to the answers.
    If answer for question No. “1” is “a”, then shows “red”.
    If answer for question No. “1” is “b”, then shows “blue”.

    Is that possible?

  31. I installed your plugin and created the test. It doesn’t appear immediately on the page. I had to hit refresh many times before it shows up. A bit unstable. My WP version is 4.2.2. Any suggestions?

  32. Does your program support a personality type quiz?
    Multiple choice with 4 or more categories.
    Different point value for each answer?
    Can Name and Email Address be collected to Constant Contact?
    email the results to the person taking the quiz?
    Send different emails based on score?

  33. I want to create a quiz that does the following (starred items are mandatory):
    1. **have several “sections” each with questions related to a topic
    2. **have a grade “per section” (so to be able to tell respondents, “you scored 50% on marketing and 20% on sales for example)
    3. optional to have an overall grade as well
    4. **Give the results to the user AND to me
    5. segment the users into different email lists based on their grades (Im ight be able to do this manually)
    Can I do this with Watu ir Watu Pro?

      • Tis is awesome. i do not use Arigato pro, I use infusionsoft…so maybe there is a zapier script I could run to segment users, but I do not expect a million responses so i could have an assitant tag the respondents manually.

        THANK YOU — I have been looking for this solution for al ong time!

  34. Hi, Is it possible for me to have a Database of questions in 4 different subjects and this plugin will pick 5 random questions from each of the 4 subjects and combine it together to form one exam for the student.

    So the student will have 5 questions from each subject making a total of 20 questions.
    is this possible???

    • Yes, in WatuPRO. You can have one or more quizzes as Database and reuse the questions in other quizzes, pull X random questions per subject / category etc.


  36. I have a quiz where all the questions (statements, actually) use a numeric scale from 1 to 9. That is, the answer should be treated as a numeric value, not as an enumeration selection. For example:

    For the following statement, select a number from 1 to 9 to show how strongly you agree with this statement: I find that people in London are friendly and helpful:
    – 1 (strongly disagree) – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 (neither disagree nor agree) – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 (strongly agree).

    When done, I want to calculate several scores. Each score is calculated by taking averages of selected responses, for example:

    Degree to which you like London = average (Q1, Q4, Q7, …)

    Is this possible with Watu?

  37. The plugin looks really nice but I got this error after ‘show result’

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘tT.gfrade_id’ in ‘on clause’]

    SELECT tT.*, tG.gtitle as grade_title
    FROM qc5_watu_takings tT LEFT JOIN qc5_watu_grading tG ON tG.ID = tT.gfrade_id
    WHERE tT.ID=13

    • Thanks for your feedback. This was a misspelled query in Namaste! LMS integration to Watu. You’ll get a new version of Namaste in your WP dashboard later today. Update to the new version and the problem will be gone.

  38. Does your open ended question function allow for an instructor written response? So, student responds with written answer, instructor replies with feedback, student replies to instructor? And is this all private, just between student and instructor? Thanks for your reply.

    • Sorry, no, it just lets you see the student’s answer. It’s possible also to automatically assign points & correct / incorrect calculation if the answer matches predefined answers.

  39. I will have multiple tests embedded in a membership area.
    1. Is there a way to use their membership login as the test login simultaneously?
    2. Can they take the tests as many times as they want with the results for multiple attempts tracked?
    3. I am considering using simple membership, magic members or member mouse – any compatibility issues you are aware of? Or recommendation?
    Thank you!

  40. I want students to take a test/quiz for free. The test results can then be purchased by members with an account. This is my next wordpress project. Can Watu do this?

    • Questions can be indexed if you select “all questions on single page”. Quizzes are published via shortcodes in posts so they will be included in sitemap.

  41. I want to buy this API but i have a few questions:
    –> Is the cost of the pluggin one-time cost or annual?
    –> For most of the questions, there will be one question per screen. In some cases where there’s a small write-up followed by 3-4 questions on that write-up. Can we also have 3-4 questions on one screen in those cases? How’s that going to be managed? How will you manage which questions should appear once at a time or should appear in groups.
    –> Some questions may have images, pictures, graphs, etc. How should we input into the database?
    –> We expect that there would be around 1,00,000 questions. This would mean that the databases are optimized to ensure faster response. Would like to ensure that database are optimized for faster response and ensure good customer experience. How do we encrypt databases to ensure security?

    • The cost of the plugin is one time. This includes one year of free upgrades and support. If you want to continue receiving upgrades and support after that the cost for renewal is 40% of the full price.

      “For most of the questions, there will be one question per screen. In some cases where there’s a small write-up followed by 3-4 questions on that write-up. Can we also have 3-4 questions on one screen in those cases? How’s that going to be managed? How will you manage which questions should appear once at a time or should appear in groups.”

      Group questions by category and use category description for your write-up.

      ” Some questions may have images, pictures, graphs, etc. How should we input into the database?”

      Same way you add media to your WP posts

      “We expect that there would be around 1,00,000 questions. This would mean that the databases are optimized to ensure faster response. Would like to ensure that database are optimized for faster response and ensure good customer experience. How do we encrypt databases to ensure security?”

      You need good server to handle this. I don’t understand the comment about encrypting.

  42. Hi, I have pre-sale questions

    I want to be able to display the overview of the test to users who are not logged in.
    To take the test they need to be registered/logged-in
    After they have taken the test or tests, they can log in and view all the tests they’ve taken and the results – possibly in a graph format.

    Is this possible with Watu?

    One of the tests/quizz I need to create has 100 questions. Each question has 4 options for example:
    -Almost Always,
    -Almost Never,

    There is no correct answer.

    Can this be imported with CSV?

  43. Hi!
    I’m making a quiz on my website and would like to know if the following is possible:

    About 25 questions
    Each questions has 3 answers people can choose from
    Each answer relates to a personality type
    The results should be shown as % of each type, preferably in a visual graph.

    Like, you are 60% Blue, 30% Green and 10% Red.

    Is this possible with this quiz?


  44. Hi
    i want to use this plugin so a teacher to create a quiz for a class of students to answer and teachers to check the answers.
    Since i ve got many teachers and many students from different grades what other plugins will i need for WP so to handle teachers and students?
    When a student logins will he see onlly the quizs for his grade or all quizs that are available (for all grades)?

  45. Hello,

    Please, instead of saving the data/results somewhere in the files, sharing it on facebook or sending it via email to the user, is there a way I can have the Watu plugin publish the quiz response (questions and answers) of each user as a brand new post on my WordPress blog, in such a way that friends of the user can have a url that they can visit to see such responses?

    For example, an imaginary Mr Sam gets a challenge to take an online quiz that will assess how much he knows about three of his friends, Kiboko, Nad and Jared.
    Sam visits the quiz page, provides answers to the quiz questions, and then submits.
    Upon submission, the quiz plugin automatically publishes Sam’s responses (including the questions of course) as a new post on the WordPress website with a unique web link which Sam must share to his three friends to enable them see what Sam wrote.

    So aside Sam, a lot of other logged in users can also take the quiz and share the Post’s url with their friends.

    Can something like this happen in any way?

  46. Detailed question is disappeared. only question no. and its answer is shown.

    kindly help. i want to create some long questions

  47. Does the pro version or free version provide stats to say teacher of a institute to see how there students are performing.
    On based on different categiroies of questions (like math, english, physics, chemistry)
    which category the student gives more correct answer. Mean to say at end of quiz or to the principal dashboard does it shows in which the student has to work more to score good??? Please let me know

  48. Thanks for this demo!
    I have one question: Can I change this text:
    “Congratulations – you have completed Simple Demo.
    You scored 4 points out of 6 points total.
    You gave 3 correct answer(s), 2 wrong answer(s) and left 0 question(s) unanswered.
    Your grade is: B”
    thanks 🙂

  49. I want a daily mcq plugin, where I can put final answer with Explanation… And with Explanation want to share the source news link.. Like hyperlink…. How to do its..

  50. I would like to know whether it is possible to achieve below features in your plugin

    1. The answers should be immediate. That means, if user clicks an answer immediately a results should be shown rather than submit a button at the bottom

    2. Can we have custom fields in addition to question fields, such as getting Candidate name, address, etc

    • 1 is possible in Pro but obviously only for single-choice questions (radio buttons)
      2. You can have up to 6 contact fields asked at the beginning or at the end of the quiz (again in Pro)

  51. Hi ,

    How do we make a quiz that doesn’t allow you to move to the next page/lesson/course unless you have passed the quiz?

    Could you please explain how to do this?

    Similar to the Course prereq but i need it for the quizes in Learnpress not for courses

  52. what I would like to do is to have comment section for every single question.
    I mean each page will have only one question and a comment section special for this question.
    If u pass to next question you will see the unique comment section specific for this question.

    Can I do this with this plugin.

    Extra question : is it possible to have comments thump up.
    Like letting people to give rep or plus for anyones comment.
    Like an upvote for any comment so that people can see best comments about the question.

  53. Hi there,

    Is it possible to allow users select the number of questions to take?
    for example if we have 100 questions and users may select to take a practice exam by answering 28 questions only, and those questions can be selected randomly or sequential,


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